Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Spartan Race Updates & News...& GIVEAWAY!!

Howdy....or should I say....AROO!!!

I am here with the latest in all things Spartan!  And....spoiler alert.....THERE'S AN AWESOME SURPRISE GIVEAWAY AT THE END OF THE POST!! :)

So as you know I am a Spartan Chick through & through! I've always been sort of a girly tomboy so OCRing was the perfect marriage of fitness, strength & awesomeness for me! 

After I finished the Citi Field Spartan Sprint last year (see the recap here!) I couldn't wait to sign up for my next one!  {{Flash forward almost a year later & Spartan STILL doesn't have a date up for the Miami guys are killing me! :/ }}

Anyway, I was contacted by my friends over at Spartan Race and they had some fun stuff for me to share with you guys! And, for being such awesome, athletic, fierce followers, he gave me A FREE RACE REGISTRATION to give away!!!!! 

So first thing's first, the World Championship Spartan Race is being moved to a new city for 2015 - it will no longer be in Killington, will be in Lake Tahoe, California!!  Sounds fun/scary/awesome, right??

This year's Spartan Season Pass has been released and, if you're planning to run multiple Spartan Races in a year's time (I mean, hello.....Trifecta, anyone?!), it's totally worth it!  This year they've added a ton of great perks! Basically you can run any race, anywhere, any time! (but there is fine print so click the link for all of the deets!)

Remember that post I did a few months back about the first ever Spartan Cruise?? Well it's right around the corner! And cabins are filling up fast! It will be epic....that I can tell you! You can find out more details here! AND, CHECK THIS OUT, ENTER COUPON CODE "Cruise50" TO SAVE 50% OFF YOUR CRUISE!!!!! {{omg}}

And finally, Joe Desena’s “Spartan UP!” the podcast is available here.....totally worth the listen!! Motivation, inspiration & information - check it out!  You can also check out an awesome launch contest here where you can enter to win TONS of prizes!!

So, now it's time for the GOOD STUFF!!


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The giveaway ends at midnight (EST) on Wednesday, January 21, 2015!

And, as always on my blog, you can SAVE 10% ON ANY RACE NOW by using code SPARTANBLOGGER!

GOOD LUCK everyone! :)

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