Monday, January 12, 2015

The Holiday Season: What I've Learned for Next Year!

Hi friends!!

So today I bring you a post about the holidays, or post-holidays, really. 

Looking back on the last couple of months, there are some things that I realized...that I did right....or that I did wrong....but, either way, I think I now have a better grasp for my plans & planning for the 2015 holidays (not that I'm not rushing the year because I am goes fast enough as it is!!).

So here's what I've learned for next year.....

1. Shop throughout the year!
You have a trunk, attic, basement, top shelf in the closet for a reason....stock up people! I was at Target the other day and all of their holiday stuff (well, whatever was left) was 70% off...or more!! 

Take advantage of sales like that early in the year! This also applies to gifts, especially for the kids! Toy stores, Target, Walmart...they all have random sales throughout the year!  Plan ahead, purchase and store those gifts away until December!!

2. Shop online (with coupons, of course!)!
Convenient, easy and the packages are delivered straight to your door! Also, WHENEVER YOU BUY SOMETHING ONLINE, always Google: "Store name" "coupon code"! You will almost always find a coupon or discount code to use! Winning!!

3. Be realistic & age appropriate with your gifts!
I know you're so excited to buy your little one that battery-operated Jeep that zooms SUPER fast (2 mph!) around the neighborhood....but if he's only 6 months old you're a bit premature! Be realistic with your gifts - the big gifts for big kids can wait until they're just that...big kids!  And a little goes a long way with the little ones! {Sometimes a wrapped-up box is all they need!}

4. Go see Santa early because, after the 25th, he's gone!
We talked about going to see Santa since before Thanksgiving....and do you know when we actually got there?? DECEMBER 24th!! Makes total sense but I always forget that, after Christmas, Santa's back at the North Pole! Duh! lol

5. Savor the holidays because, before you know it, they'll be over!
Exhibit's mid-January! Whaaaat?? Write a list of all of the fun, family activities that you want to do with your loved ones during the "season" and put them on the calendar! Schedule them! We did that this year and it was awesome!!! We were organized and everything got checked off of our to-do list!

So tell me something you learned for next year!!!

Ohh, one more thing.....I'm in the middle of a very exciting post that will hopefully publish on Wednesday! All I can say is you SPARTANS better get ready!! :)

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