Thursday, February 26, 2015

Ketanga Fitness Retreat "Strengthen in the Sun" Recap

Hi guys!!

So, as you already know if you follow me on SM, over the weekend my sister & I went on an amazing, relaxing, exhausting, fun-in-the-sun, perfect Ketanga Fitness Retreat in St. Pete Beach, Florida! We had THE.BEST.TIME! 

The retreat was scheduled from Friday afternoon to Monday afternoon but we had to cut our trip a little short because of work (Maxi) and family (me) commitments....but we had a full 44 hours of awesomeness!

How often do you get a few days away?? JUST FOR YOU! be the best mom, wife, sister, friend, worker, person you HAVE to take care of YOURSELF first!

We had such a nice group of ladies! The workouts - all led by Coach Dani, who has her own Pilates studio, Pilates Blast, in Tinton Falls, New Jersey - were challenging yet fun because of our intimate (& rowdy!) bunch! Lots of laughs were had by all!! Dani was full of personality!! :)

I've only taken a couple of Pilates classes but that was totally OK! The workouts could be tweaked and modified for ANY fitness level!  And honestly, I kinda fell in love with it! I'm going to have to start implementing some Pilates into the mix!

We stayed at the (totally beachy!) Guy Harvey Outpost Resort right on the beach! We had a suite, which was awesome, they had live music all day, and into the night, and there were a handful of fire pits right next to the pool to chill around ANY TIME, which was totally necessary after dark over the chilly weekend!

So we got to the hotel around 9:30am, just in time for a Pilates beach workout!  

That afternoon we relaxed on the beach, had lunch by the pool &, once we could check-in, I did some work in the room (too much sun and I turn into a cranky B!).

Around 5:30 we had a sunset workout right on the beach again! Most people were walking by, so casually, drinking, in total vacay mode, but getting in a kick-butt workout, right on the beach, while the sun was was just perfect!  And the pics show it!

Maxi and I had dinner (we split a burger!) by the pool around the fire. It was relaxing & early...we had had a long day! :)

We traveled about 10 minutes from the hotel for a morning park/beach workout at Fort DeSoto Park. 30 minutes using the TRX (on a tree!) followed by 30 minutes on the mat on the beach! After the workout we had a quick snack & then headed back to the hotel for some "free time"!

Maxi and I went back to the beach, where the hotel has complimentary chairs & umbrellas set up! We had lunch by the pool (again!) and then just hung around! Since we were leaving super early Monday morning, the 4:30 afternoon beach workout was going to be our last one! :(

It was great and even though I had only met Dani the day before, I felt like I had been training with her forever! We had become a little crew in the very short amount of time we had all known each other!

Dinner Sunday night was as a group at a local, health-conscious restaurant & then Maxi and I finished our night with a small cup of D'lites - which was right across the street from our hotel! #vacationmode

And as a super nice surprise....during our trip we received some awesome SWAG!
** a Ketanga tank top (see above pics) & bag!
** fun, colorful & comfortable sneakers from 361 degrees!
** a charm necklace from Fashletics!

I would recommend this trip to ANYONE! A wonderful mix of vacation-mode and awesome very cool locations! Click here to see Ketanga's April & May retreats, which will be in Mexico & Costa Rica!

And remember to use code PLIC to save $50 on either of their upcoming April trips!!

So tell me....have you ever taken a "fitness vacation"??

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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

5 reasons why a dog is like a kid!

Some of you may be surprised to hear it, because I don't talk about her very often, but I have a daughter!  She's our first baby, almost 8 1/2 years old, 15 lbs and SUCH a cutie!

Say HI to Honey, our Havanese! ;)

She is 100% part of the family, totally my husband's girlfriend and the laziest love bug you've ever seen! She sleeps most of the day away (on a Boppy pillow that was a baby gift when my 5 year old was born - she snagged it during week 1! lol).....and then the night too! She loves dirty laundry, scrambled eggs & playing around (if she's not sleeping!)!

My kids LOVE animals and I feel like it is such a gift for them to grow up with a pet (we have a fish too but I won't bore you with those details!) - they just love her & she loves them!

So I call Honey my daughter because she is like having another kid....

1. They sleep in your bed.

I'm lucky that my kids have no desire to even hang out in my bed, but boy does my dog make up for it! I think that she thinks it is HER bed! And for a 15-pound small-sized dog she takes up a WHOLE lotta space!

2. They want a bite of everything you're eating.

They just wait around - by your feet - just praying that something - anything - will drop! (How many have you have hidden in the bathroom or closet so you didn't have to share with your kid (or dog)?!?) What's yours is theirs, right?!

The night we got her - she was 8 weeks old!!!

3. You can't leave them home alone overnight.

Going on a trip? You have something someone else to worry about...who's watching your pup? Regular walks, meals, play time - they need a babysitter, too!

4. Even if they're potty trained they have the occasional accident.

Kids, dogs, it's all the same.... Do you ever feel like you're ALWAYS dealing with poop, or is it just me?!

5. They give you unconditional love!

And how?! They LOVE you always and always have your back - that applies to kids & dogs! You're their hero, their protector, their whole world!!

Do you have a dog? Are they a part of your family or "just a pet"?

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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

5 tips for being a GREAT race spectator!

Races, races, everywhere!!!!  But not everyone goes to run.....some people are there to watch & cheer on their friends or family!  

I was one of these spectators last weekend at my sister's FIRST half marathon (that I was supposed to run with her, but, ya know...). She did amazing & I'm hoping she'll do a guest post here with her race recap in the next couple of weeks!

Anyway, being a spectator is actually a hard job! ;) 

There are definitely things that you can do to make yourself a GREAT race spectator! You're SO important in giving the racers motivation and encouragement!!!!  And I guarantee they will appreciate it all (even if they look miserable when they pass you! lol)!

So HOW DO I BECOME A GREAT RACE SPECTATOR you ask??? Check out my tips & I'll spell it out for you in 5 easy steps!

1) BRING SIGNS & make them pop!

A race is long/tedious/exhausting no matter how far you're going! A funny and/or creative sign can really give you a chuckle....which may be just the thing you needed at that moment!


2) Cheer on EVERYONE that runs by you!

You may feel silly....screaming out at people you don't know! But they will SO SO appreciate it!! Anything..."you're almost there"...."you're doing a great job"...."woo hoo"'s a great encouragement to the racers, I promise! 

High fives & funny costumes are always popular too!!

3) Don't get in the way of the race. STAY OVER TO THE SIDE! Also, don't run through the race to get to the other side unless there's a big break in runners. They shouldn't have to dodge you!

Some jerk standing near us kept inching his way in towards the race (there were no barriers) - to see further down the way, I guess. But what he unfortunately didn't realize was that he was in the way!! People had to dodge him! Racers had to run around him! What a jerk! Don't be that jerk! (unfortunately I forgot to snap a pic!)

Also, I get that sometimes you just have to run "through" the race to get to the other side, I do. But please wait until there's a break in the runners. Again, no one in the race should have to dodge you! Plus it's just plain rude! Be considerate!

4) Don't eat donuts and coffee on the sidelines.

I know you're hungry and tired....but think of the RACERS.....they are definitely WAY HUNGRIER & WAY MORE TIRED than you are! I guarantee it! Don't be rude and just chill, be an active spectator (check out Tips #1 & #2 above!)!

5) Take lots of pictures!

The run will be done and done, and that's it! The pictures are the only thing you'll have left! (it's like a wedding lol) And your friend that raced will want whatever pics you were able to get!! So snap 'em....while they're running by...while they're crossing the finish line....after the race with their medal....snap away!

Got any other spectator tips to add??

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Winner of the South Beach Wine & Food Festival Tickets

Hi!! I'm popping in super quick today!!

So, did you enter the giveaway that Munchkin Fun & I hosted last week?? If you did, THANK YOU!!

But there can only be ONE winner......


You and 3 of your family and/or friends are heading to the #SOBEWFF Fun & Fit as a Family Event at Jungle Island THIS WEEKEND!! on the lookout for an email from my friends at Munchkin Fun to sort out the details & get your tickets!

What is everyone else up to this weekend??

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Friday, February 13, 2015

Remember that time that I hurt my knee A WEEK before my half marathon....

So if you follow me on social media you already know my SAD SAD news!

Thankfully, it's nothing serious - meaning no surgery & I will recover and be able to run/workout/function again soon - but I WILL NOT be running the half marathon on Sunday :(

Saturday my sister and I did a 10K trail run on the levees in the Everglades! {My hubby ran the 5K which is what I ran last year.}  It's an unusual, scenic route and fun run in honor of a true American hero, Joseph Schiro.  See their website here.

Unfortunately, right when we hit mile 5 my right knee started throbbing, with every step! We stopped to walk for a few seconds but it felt better when I was running (vs walking), plus I wanted to just finish the darn race!, so we did the last mile at a slow jog.

I went home to ice & Advil and I was still in serious pain.  The urgent care took x-rays (um, nothing was broken, duh!) and told me to continue icing & gave me a stronger ibuprofen.

Still not feeling better by Monday I went to the Orthopedist and my MRI showed slight inflammation of my IT band - nothing structural & nothing to do other than stretching, foam rolling, ibuprofen & ice! 

It still doesn't feel "right". I'm definitely able to move it more and I'm not in as much pain, but I'm in NO position to run 13 miles in the next few days.  

I'm bummed and pissed and feel like my training was all in vain....but I'll be at the race to cheer on my sister (this is her FIRST half!) and her friends that are running.

And I'm going to nurse the crap out of my knee and, hopefully, try to sign up & run a half in the next month or so.

Stay tuned.....

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Monday, February 9, 2015

Win 4 Tickets to the SoBe Wine & Food Festival {giveaway}

I've been writing a BUNCH of exciting posts lately! And, keeping on trend, this post is definitely another one to add to that bunch!

I am thrilled to be teaming up with my new friends at Munchkin Fun to:

(a) spread the word about their super-informative & awesome website/newsletter 


(b) to offer you a chance to win BIG in our giveaway!

Munchkin Fun has been around in Miami for years and it has become a super-popular one-stop-shop for all things kid-related!!  You can search by the day or the activity - and they know EVERYTHING that's going on!  You can also subscribe to their FREE weekly newsletter to receive a list of what's on the calendar around town delivered straight to your email's inbox!

The GREAT news for Broward County residents is they've recently popped up in our neck of the woods too!! We can now sign up for their FREE weekly email now, too, which will showcase awesome events and activities in Broward County!! So exciting!

Sooooo, since we are so excited about their new adventures in Broward....we wanted to team up to giveaway an awesome prize....


What a great way to spread the cheer!!  The Fun & Fit Event takes place Saturday, February 21 & Sunday, February 22, 2015 at Jungle Island!  This family-friendly event will be a blast!! Food Network chefs & personalities will be there to teach the entire family the basics of a healthy lifestyle!  Kids will also be able to play sports on the beach & get their hands dirty in the interactive kitchen!

It's simple!  To enter, simply click HERE! Please note that giveaway is for local, South Florida residents only and you have until Saturday, February 14, 2015 to ENTER TO WIN!

So, enter the giveaway, head over to the MF website & sign up for your weekly newsletter today!!

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