Wednesday, February 4, 2015

5 keys to make any run a GREAT run!

Hi all!!

As you know, I've been doing a lot of running lately (hello half marathon that I'm running next weekend!) I've developed a little routine of things that help make my runs GREAT as successful as they can be!

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1) Good music!

You know how I feel about RockMyRun! (Spoiler alert: stay tuned because you MAY be able to enter to win a FREE 1-year subscription to RMR in the next few weeks!) Annnnnyway I truly believe that good, fast, motivating, pump-you-up beats helps you have a great run! And the great thing about #RockMyRun is you can have a new mix with new songs from new DJs for EVERY RUN! #winning

2) Proper clothes!

Evaluate the weather!!! The last thing you want is to be overheating in a long sleeve shirt or jacket (I know, that only happens in Florida, right?! lol) or freezing in a tank top when it's colder than you thought have to make your body as comfortable as possible! Make sure your socks won't fall into your sneakers because that will just give you painful, bloody blisters! And also, use body glide! ;)

3) Plan out your route!

Don't wing it....especially if you're running more that 4 or 5 miles! MapMyRun is amazing & FREE - utilize it! Have a plan! Know where you're running so you (a) don't get lost and (b) get back to your starting point at the correct mileage/time!

4) Zone out!

This is the complete OPPOSITE advice I would give you for strength training! But I think if you get caught up in what you're doing (especially for runs that are 1+ hours long!) it gets very boring, super tedious and highly intimidating! And DON'T check your watch or GPS every 30-seconds!! Since you've already mapped out your run (see key #3 above!), you don't HAVE to look at it so often! ;)

5) Proper fuel/hydration!

This may be overkill but I totally LOL'd when I saw this picture!! (source)
You need to properly fuel and hydrate your body BEFORE, DURING & AFTER your run! Bring along the hydration belt, even if you're going on a shorter run, just in case!

Tell me, what is something you would add to make ANY run a GREAT run??

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