Tuesday, February 17, 2015

5 tips for being a GREAT race spectator!

Races, races, everywhere!!!!  But not everyone goes to run.....some people are there to watch & cheer on their friends or family!  

I was one of these spectators last weekend at my sister's FIRST half marathon (that I was supposed to run with her, but, ya know...). She did amazing & I'm hoping she'll do a guest post here with her race recap in the next couple of weeks!

Anyway, being a spectator is actually a hard job! ;) 

There are definitely things that you can do to make yourself a GREAT race spectator! You're SO important in giving the racers motivation and encouragement!!!!  And I guarantee they will appreciate it all (even if they look miserable when they pass you! lol)!

So HOW DO I BECOME A GREAT RACE SPECTATOR you ask??? Check out my tips & I'll spell it out for you in 5 easy steps!

1) BRING SIGNS & make them pop!

A race is long/tedious/exhausting no matter how far you're going! A funny and/or creative sign can really give you a chuckle....which may be just the thing you needed at that moment!


2) Cheer on EVERYONE that runs by you!

You may feel silly....screaming out at people you don't know! But they will SO SO appreciate it!! Anything..."you're almost there"...."you're doing a great job"...."woo hoo"....it's a great encouragement to the racers, I promise! 

High fives & funny costumes are always popular too!!

3) Don't get in the way of the race. STAY OVER TO THE SIDE! Also, don't run through the race to get to the other side unless there's a big break in runners. They shouldn't have to dodge you!

Some jerk standing near us kept inching his way in towards the race (there were no barriers) - to see further down the way, I guess. But what he unfortunately didn't realize was that he was in the way!! People had to dodge him! Racers had to run around him! What a jerk! Don't be that jerk! (unfortunately I forgot to snap a pic!)

Also, I get that sometimes you just have to run "through" the race to get to the other side, I do. But please wait until there's a break in the runners. Again, no one in the race should have to dodge you! Plus it's just plain rude! Be considerate!

4) Don't eat donuts and coffee on the sidelines.

I know you're hungry and tired....but think of the RACERS.....they are definitely WAY HUNGRIER & WAY MORE TIRED than you are! I guarantee it! Don't be rude and just chill, be an active spectator (check out Tips #1 & #2 above!)!

5) Take lots of pictures!

The run will be done and done, and that's it! The pictures are the only thing you'll have left! (it's like a wedding lol) And your friend that raced will want whatever pics you were able to get!! So snap 'em....while they're running by...while they're crossing the finish line....after the race with their medal....snap away!

Got any other spectator tips to add??

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