Thursday, February 26, 2015

Ketanga Fitness Retreat "Strengthen in the Sun" Recap

Hi guys!!

So, as you already know if you follow me on SM, over the weekend my sister & I went on an amazing, relaxing, exhausting, fun-in-the-sun, perfect Ketanga Fitness Retreat in St. Pete Beach, Florida! We had THE.BEST.TIME! 

The retreat was scheduled from Friday afternoon to Monday afternoon but we had to cut our trip a little short because of work (Maxi) and family (me) commitments....but we had a full 44 hours of awesomeness!

How often do you get a few days away?? JUST FOR YOU! be the best mom, wife, sister, friend, worker, person you HAVE to take care of YOURSELF first!

We had such a nice group of ladies! The workouts - all led by Coach Dani, who has her own Pilates studio, Pilates Blast, in Tinton Falls, New Jersey - were challenging yet fun because of our intimate (& rowdy!) bunch! Lots of laughs were had by all!! Dani was full of personality!! :)

I've only taken a couple of Pilates classes but that was totally OK! The workouts could be tweaked and modified for ANY fitness level!  And honestly, I kinda fell in love with it! I'm going to have to start implementing some Pilates into the mix!

We stayed at the (totally beachy!) Guy Harvey Outpost Resort right on the beach! We had a suite, which was awesome, they had live music all day, and into the night, and there were a handful of fire pits right next to the pool to chill around ANY TIME, which was totally necessary after dark over the chilly weekend!

So we got to the hotel around 9:30am, just in time for a Pilates beach workout!  

That afternoon we relaxed on the beach, had lunch by the pool &, once we could check-in, I did some work in the room (too much sun and I turn into a cranky B!).

Around 5:30 we had a sunset workout right on the beach again! Most people were walking by, so casually, drinking, in total vacay mode, but getting in a kick-butt workout, right on the beach, while the sun was was just perfect!  And the pics show it!

Maxi and I had dinner (we split a burger!) by the pool around the fire. It was relaxing & early...we had had a long day! :)

We traveled about 10 minutes from the hotel for a morning park/beach workout at Fort DeSoto Park. 30 minutes using the TRX (on a tree!) followed by 30 minutes on the mat on the beach! After the workout we had a quick snack & then headed back to the hotel for some "free time"!

Maxi and I went back to the beach, where the hotel has complimentary chairs & umbrellas set up! We had lunch by the pool (again!) and then just hung around! Since we were leaving super early Monday morning, the 4:30 afternoon beach workout was going to be our last one! :(

It was great and even though I had only met Dani the day before, I felt like I had been training with her forever! We had become a little crew in the very short amount of time we had all known each other!

Dinner Sunday night was as a group at a local, health-conscious restaurant & then Maxi and I finished our night with a small cup of D'lites - which was right across the street from our hotel! #vacationmode

And as a super nice surprise....during our trip we received some awesome SWAG!
** a Ketanga tank top (see above pics) & bag!
** fun, colorful & comfortable sneakers from 361 degrees!
** a charm necklace from Fashletics!

I would recommend this trip to ANYONE! A wonderful mix of vacation-mode and awesome very cool locations! Click here to see Ketanga's April & May retreats, which will be in Mexico & Costa Rica!

And remember to use code PLIC to save $50 on either of their upcoming April trips!!

So tell me....have you ever taken a "fitness vacation"??

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