Friday, February 13, 2015

Remember that time that I hurt my knee A WEEK before my half marathon....

So if you follow me on social media you already know my SAD SAD news!

Thankfully, it's nothing serious - meaning no surgery & I will recover and be able to run/workout/function again soon - but I WILL NOT be running the half marathon on Sunday :(

Saturday my sister and I did a 10K trail run on the levees in the Everglades! {My hubby ran the 5K which is what I ran last year.}  It's an unusual, scenic route and fun run in honor of a true American hero, Joseph Schiro.  See their website here.

Unfortunately, right when we hit mile 5 my right knee started throbbing, with every step! We stopped to walk for a few seconds but it felt better when I was running (vs walking), plus I wanted to just finish the darn race!, so we did the last mile at a slow jog.

I went home to ice & Advil and I was still in serious pain.  The urgent care took x-rays (um, nothing was broken, duh!) and told me to continue icing & gave me a stronger ibuprofen.

Still not feeling better by Monday I went to the Orthopedist and my MRI showed slight inflammation of my IT band - nothing structural & nothing to do other than stretching, foam rolling, ibuprofen & ice! 

It still doesn't feel "right". I'm definitely able to move it more and I'm not in as much pain, but I'm in NO position to run 13 miles in the next few days.  

I'm bummed and pissed and feel like my training was all in vain....but I'll be at the race to cheer on my sister (this is her FIRST half!) and her friends that are running.

And I'm going to nurse the crap out of my knee and, hopefully, try to sign up & run a half in the next month or so.

Stay tuned.....

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