Monday, February 2, 2015

Why did YOU watch the Super Bowl??

Hey guys!! Monday Monday again?! 

Is everyone tired from yesterday? It's funny how exhausting it can be to SIT & WATCH a game on TV! ;) lol

A big congrats to the New England Patriots on a WIN!  We had some friends over last night - we ate Italian food, played outside and watched a bit of the game....and the kids had a blast!! (As did the adults!)  #GoodTimes

But it got me thinking....there are so many reasons to watch the game!! 

So I want to know - why did YOU watch the #BigGame??

Was it for.....

1) The football?

Some people just really enjoy the sport! They watch the game because they like football! I find most sports terribly boring on TV - being AT the game is way more exciting!!!

2) The QB?

Hi Tom Brady! #thatsall

3) The commercials?

What did you think??  The Budweiser commercial was great!! Clydesdale's + golden retriever puppy + crisis = tugging on my heart strings! The Kim Kardashian commercial was light & that she made fun of herself! And the sweet little boy with the prosthetic legs....watching him through the years was could you not cry? So emotional - there were definitely a handful of good ones this year!

4) The food?

I do believe in everything in moderation....and I also believe that one bad meal or day will NOT kill your entire healthy lifestyle! #truth. Did you eat anything good yesterday???

5) The half time show?

Hi Katy Perry - I can sing along to every song that you sang last night! Lenny Kravitz was sort of there but not really there. And lost all of this weight why are you still wearing a full body jumpsuit?! I thought the effects and visuals were great - I loved the show....2 thumbs up from me!

So did your team win??
And remember, tell us why YOU watched the Super Bowl last night!!

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