Saturday, March 28, 2015

5 Reasons to Visit the Palm Beach Zoo!

We are loving Spring Break over here!! I went into it with hesitation because a week without school, while my husband was obviously at work, is a lot for the kids when they're used to being at school everyday. As Peppa Pig would say....that sounds BOOOOORING! ;)

But we've kept ourselves busy with play dates and hockey and pool time and family time and here I am publishing Thursday's post on Saturday morning!

So one of our play dates was at the Palm Beach Zoo, formerly known as (and will always be to me) the Dreher Park Zoo, and we had a BLAST!

Check out my...

1.  Unlike Zoo Miami (aka the Metro Zoo), it's totally manageable and easy to navigate!

We had a blast riding the family bikes at Zoo Miami, but those are not needed (or available! lol) here! Bring a stroller if you want but you may not even need it!

This zoo is perfect for children of all ages! We went to each exhibit, road the carousel & the choo choo train, had lunch AND saw the "Bear Talk" (see #5 below) and we were out of there in 3 1/2 hours! The perfect amount of time!

2.  There's a kids 'water fountain' play area.

Especially when it's summertime in SoFL this is great! It's just a small area but it gives the kids a chance to cool down & run around! And there are benches surrounding the fountain so you can keep a close eye on your kids while you're resting your gams!

3.  There are picnic tables for BYOL.

Bring your own lunch & snacks, enjoy their indoor restaurant or order something quick at the concession counter.  They make it easy with their large area of picnic tables - which are right by the bathrooms! :)

4.  Marty!

(source: TripAdvisor)

Even though the zoo is "small" & they don't have huge animals like lions, elephants or giraffes, they do have some great exhibits. Including Marty, the rare white alligator!!

5.  There are "Animal Talks", experiences and shows scheduled all day long.

The kids (& you!) can learn about the animals and watch them get fed. And it gives you pit stops around the Zoo to help you plan your route!

It's not cheap - it was almost $50 for the me and the kids! - but it's worth it!!

Do you and your family enjoy going to the ZOO??
Some photos used in this post were taken from the Palm Beach Zoo website.

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