Friday, March 13, 2015

5 Things That Make You Go UGH!

Hi guys!!!

It's Friday the 13th...again! lol  I love a spooky day - kinda reminds me of Halloween! :)  I hope you're gonna sit home tonight - curled up on the couch - and watch Halloween (or something similar)!  Do you believe the spooky hype of today??  

So we all have things in our lives that happen where we're like....ughhh, STANDARD! They're little things, but they can seriously aggravate!  One actually happened to me yesterday - and that sparked my idea for today's post!

Check out my list of 5 things that make me say UGGGHHH! (although there are plenty more than 5!)

(1) When your starving, you pour cereal into a bowl then open the find out there is NO milk!

(2) When you check the DVR to watch something that taped last find out it DIDN'T tape!

(3) When you wake up in the middle of the night, positive it's like midnight, then you check the find out your alarm will go off in 1 minute!

(4) When you go to take a picture on your cell find out the memory's full! #storyofmylife

(5) When you get the kids dressed/fed/cleaned/organized and buckled into the find out someone has to go to the bathroom.

So tell me something that makes you go....UGGGHHH!

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