Thursday, March 5, 2015

I Married My High School Sweetheart....

...and over 15 YEARS later (almost 9 of them married!) we're still around to talk about it!

Could you IMAGINE marrying the boy you dated in high school?? What about the guy you hooked up with in college? Most people's answer is HELL NO! Mine is...I DID! :)

We're a novelty, I totally get it! When people hear that we started dating in 1999 (when I was 16!) they act as if I told them I have 3 heads - you should see the shock!

People assume we settled....we couldn't break the ties....we did what was "easy".....they're "so sorry" for us for what we "missed out on" during our college "experience"...


I won the jackpot because I married my BEST friend!  We were KIDS...22 & 23 years old....but I knew that it was the best decision I'd EVER make!

No marriage is perfect, duh, and I'm CERTAINLY no expert, duh again! 

But in the many years that we've been together I've learned some things....things that I THINK should be present in ALL GOOD RELATIONSHIPS!  And, lucky for you, as part of the March Marriage Challenge, I'm here to tell you about 'em:

(1) All good couples fight & disagree...

.....and then they make up!!  2 people are just that: 2 DIFFERENT people! You can't possibly agree on everything or have the same opinion on all things.  It's just not possible, we're not robots! AND THAT'S OK!

(2) All good couples act as a team!

Try to have the "team mentality". You should have your spouse's back and be their biggest cheerleader - and vice versa! Their win is your win, and their loss is your loss - and vice versa!

(3) All good couples communicate!

I'm talking really communicate! Text during the day just to let them know you're thinking about them (see some great suggestions here!), tell them HONESTLY how you feel about things and spend time catching up after a long day. Continuously try to keep the lines of communication open!

(4) All good couples continue to date....

....each other! We all get SO caught up in the day-to-day, you have to take a step back and really date each other. Even if it's dinner in your own dining room, a movie on the couch, or closing the door when you go to the bathroom (#truth).....act as you would if you were still trying to "woo" each other every once in a while!

(5) All good couples grow together!

Life is about learning and living and loving and growing! But you have to make an effort to grow TOGETHER as a couple while you also grow as your own person! It's an effort that you have to be willing to make for your family, your relationship and yourself!

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