Tuesday, March 3, 2015

My Sister's Journey to Completing Her FIRST Half Marathon...

Hi friends!!

So remember that little race I was planning to run last month? Ahh, what about that little knee problem and the fact that I DIDN'T get to run it? :(

Well, news flash....you can't write a race recap if you didn't run the race (see my tips on being an awesome spectator, though!)....so I convinced my sister to make her PL&IC debut!!


Hello to all of Sammy's readers! I couldn't be more excited to make a little guest appearance here today! Here we go....

Growing up I NEVER, not in a million years, thought I would run a half marathon, or even run at all! Throughout middle school and high school I was very active playing soccer - but I would always complain about my shins.  They constantly bothered me!

Doctor after doctor told me shin splints (spoiler alert: IT WASN'T!) and the treatment was always ice, stretch & more ice. Until the pain became excruciating! One amazing doctor, I call him my hero, finally made the correct diagnosis of my condition - Exertional Compartment Syndrome. {Google it for details ;) }

If I ever wanted relief I needed to have surgery - on both legs! UGH!  In 2011 I did it and, after I finally finished recovering, it was a miracle. I slowly started running but, because I was never able to really run before, this was all new to me! Sammy and I did the yearly Turkey Trot, or I'd do a few miles here and there, but that was that.

Fast forward to the day I signed up for the Publix Fort Lauderdale A1A Half Marathon....whaaaaat? I trained for months, increasing my mileage each week little by little - February 15th was rapidly approaching! Then, the week before the race, Sammy got hurt & we found out we weren't going to be running the half together after all -  we were both crushed!

Thankfully, some of my amazing friends signed up days before the race and ran it with me!!! I could NEVER have done it alone.  My friend Liz & I never even turned on our music....we just ran together, for hours, chatting and motivating each other!

Around mile 13 I saw my sister....running towards us...hysterically crying! lol We ran for a minute or so together, holding hands (obviously!), and she popped out right before I crossed the finish line!  I crossed the finish line!!!! And I felt good! {And we got some BIG, awesome medals!}

Finishing this race was honestly the biggest accomplishment of my life thus far.  I still can't believe it actually happened!

Who knows - maybe next year I'll be popping in to tell you about my first MARATHON! ;)


I hope you enjoyed! Show Maxi some love & comment below - tell us an obstacle YOU had to overcome to accomplish a dream!!

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