Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Pics from my Orangetheory Fitness Photo Shoot!

Hey all!

Before I get to the good stuff......I am HURTING today - physically & emotionally!  

{{physically}} I woke up at 5:30am in tears because I had a stiff neck. It must have been the way I was sleeping (wrong, apparently!) but every move I made, or didn't make, it hit a nerve and sent the pain straight to my heart. 

Ibuprofen, ice, heat, stretching and a rub down from my favorite physical therapist...& I'm still in a good amount of pain. Cancelling my OrangeTheory class for tomorrow morning makes me sad!

{{emotionally}} So our washing machine broke - which is sad enough for a busy, athletic family of 4! But, to make matters worse, because our washer & dryer are stacked on top of each other, we need to purchase a washer AND A DRYER today. 

I won't get into the boring details but our dimensions are very specific & there's not much to choose from. And the companies change their models (and their dimensions even the slightest bit) like all the time and then you can't use the "stacking kits" to stack them properly which is totally not cool, appliance companies....not cool at all!

Anyway, (rant over!), I wanted to share some pictures from the photo shoot that I did with Orangetheory a couple of weeks ago. So they had 2 full days of shooting, approximately 30-40 people each day, at the new Central Fort Lauderdale location.

They catered lunch (from Chipotle - I know, what?! - I went and got a salad from Whole Foods) which was nice and everyone got a free month membership & a "care package" with goodies that should be arriving in the mail any day now.

We recreated dozens of workouts and exercises and there was a significant amount of time waiting around - which I hear is normal, although truth be told this is my first (and probably last!) professional photo shoot! lol

And, good news, my knee felt fine!

Here are some pics from the day....

New equipment, motivational quotes on the walls & orange bulbs....of course!

Meeting of the minds on the left.  Lots of waiting around on the right.

My "Model Release" lol.  Everyone in position!

There was a lot of "and hold it...and hold it...and hold it..." during shots!

They're blurry but you get the drift!  Overall it was fun & different & I'm so glad that I got the opportunity to be a part of it!!

Stay tuned to see if I made the cut ;)

And tell me....have you ever been a part of a professional photo shoot???

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