Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Tips for making any workout a GREAT Workout!!

Happy St. Patrick's Day people!!!

Today is all about green (I don't wear it), beer (I don't drink it) and luck (I'd LOVE SOME!)! Hope you all have a great day/night celebrating!

But today is just a normal day around our house....kids are in school, I'm doing work and I just got in a GREAT workout!!

I had taken a months-long hiatus from Orange Theory because of (a) half marathon training, (b) a busy life, (c) a bum shoulder, (d) a bum knee...do I need to continue?? I've stayed very active with my at-home workouts lately, but today was my first official day back at OTF (not including the photo shoot from last month!!) and it was awesome!  I missed it SO!

And I'm on such a high now I figured I'd write a little post about how to get in a GREAT workout!  Because you can make ANY workout a GREAT workout! {Just like you can make ANY run a GREAT run, remember?}

(1) Go in with a good attitude.

- On your way there eat a protein bar, pump up the volume on some awesome music, meet up with a great workout partner....whatever you need to do to make it happen, figure it out and use it before (and during!) your workout!

(2) Give it your all but also know your limits.

- You HAVE to challenge your body in order for it to change....that's the truth!
- But you also know your body the best. LISTEN to it to avoid injury!
- The best motivation for a great workout should come from your biggest advocate.....YOU!

(3) Remember to bring all of your goods.

- One missing item can ruin your workout and totally F with your head: phone/music, headphones, water, towel, post-workout shake....

(4) CONSTANTLY mix it up!

- Yoga, HIIT, group classes, at-home, at the gym, outside, with friends, without friends, mostly cardio, mostly strength, body weight, free weights, the list goes ON! When you keep it interesting you (a) keep the muscles working & wondering and (b) you don't get bored with your routine!  Also, think outside of the box - hiking, a pole dancing class, hot yoga....try something you never thought you'd try, because you just might like it!

(5) Schedule it - like you would a doctor's appointment or a business meeting.

- I've talked about this before and believe it to be SO true! You have to take your health seriously - and getting in your workouts is just as important as going for a check-up or meeting with your boss! 

So, tell me one tip that you would add to make any workout a GREAT workout!

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