Tuesday, April 28, 2015

New "Head to Toe" 20 Minute Workout!

Hi guys!

I'm here for a quick second today just to share a workout that I created for a friend last week...& I loved it so much I did it myself, too! 

I was a sweaty mess after only 20 minutes! It's a simple (in construction! lol) & FAST workout with great exercises that will really BLAST fat, BUILD lean muscle & LEAVE you feeling strong!

Do this anywhere! You don't need any equipment or a lot of room! And then let me know what you think :)

Also, I'm doing the Color Fun Fest 5k Run this weekend so stay tuned for a recap & pics on the blog next week!

So tell me....what have you guys been up to lately??

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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Get ready for 2 awesome 20 minute AMRAP workouts!

I have been SOOO MIA lately! (my last post was over 2 weeks ago!)

I got 2 new SMM clients last week which is awesome...and making me even busier than I already was! Sadly, Peace, Love & Ice Cream is the last thing on my to-do-list and sometimes I never actually get to the end of that list - very sadly!

I did make a resolution earlier this year to post more unique, created-by-me workouts so here I am with 2 BRAND NEW ones for ya!

I was inspired because I (finally!) got insurance so I can start training clients - WOO HOO! - and because <<this lady>> created & then led her friends in 2 on-the-beach boot camp workouts last weekend while we were on vacay!!

I don't have many pics (sorry!) but I do have the workout details and I HIGHLY recommend you try them - on different days, of course! lol

They are for men & women of ALL FITNESS LEVELS, seriously!

That's the beauty of an AMRAP (as many rounds as possible)...as long as you're constantly moving and pushing yourself then you're doing it right! :)

So since it's been soooo long, tell me what's doing by you! :)
And let me know if you try these workouts!!

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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Mom Confessions...Part 2!

Back in 2013 (OMG!), I posted some of my Mom Confessions!

And now I'm back with Part 2!

Before I get into it let me clarify and say that I am NOT shameful of these things....I'm a good GREAT mom and a good GREAT wife! 

I just felt like I should share some of my fun mom facts with you guys because I KNOW you'll have my back on at least one (if not more!) of these Mom Confessions!

1. My 3 year old still sleeps in a crib!

I know - pick your jaw up off of the floor! ;) 

But he loves it!! He's fully potty trained, sleeps peacefully through the entire night and can't get in or out without me! {#winning} Sure, he looks like an overgrown baby in it, but he's happy....so I'm happy!

2. I lie "fib" daily!

"We can't go because the park is closed"...."We have to go inside because it's about to start raining"...."We can't watch that because the TV is broken"...."Daddy (who's at work) said we can't {fill in the blank}"......and the list goes on...

3. I answers kids' questions ALL.DAY.LONG!

My kids ask some seriously hard questions...some most of which I have no idea how to answer! I consider myself a smart girl...which helps me come up with some very creative answers! lol

4. Sometimes I eat cereal for dinner.

I graze while I cook dinner for my family...and then while I'm cleaning up...but when it comes time for me to eat there are times I'm just not in the mood anymore! Cereal is sometimes just what the doctor ordered! 

5. My kids know that their parents lead a healthy, active lifestyle.

This one I am actually VERY proud of! I live my life in sports bras/tank tops/spandex pants and 4 out of 5 days I get in a workout. Most of those happen right in my living room - with my kids watching!

They can do burpees and squats and push-ups and they always hop in for a minute or 2!  Because I not only preach it I LIVE it, they know the importance of being healthy and staying active and we believe that is one of the GREATEST gifts you can give your children & your family! #truth

Tell me one of YOUR Mom Confessions!!

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Saturday, April 4, 2015

An Awesome, At-Home, Outdoor, Kick-Butt Boot Camp Workout!

Hey friends!

I hope you are all having a happy HOLIDAY weekend! We're celebrating Passover (because we're Jewish!) and Easter (because we have a Christmas Tree!) with family & friends and we're having a great weekend so far!  The weather is hot but gorgeous (#sorrynotsorry) so I decided to take my workout OUTSIDE this morning!

My sister was coming over so we could work out together (always a treat!!) so I quickly designed this awesome Boot Camp routine this morning when I woke up!

It was fun & quick & EXHAUSTING! There are 6 Rounds - so you can do all 6 if you have time! We only had time for 4 but that was enough for us anyway!!

I highly encourage you to try this workout because it will NOT disappoint!! And If you DO try it, let me know what you think!!!

What are you doing to stay active this weekend???

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