Saturday, April 4, 2015

An Awesome, At-Home, Outdoor, Kick-Butt Boot Camp Workout!

Hey friends!

I hope you are all having a happy HOLIDAY weekend! We're celebrating Passover (because we're Jewish!) and Easter (because we have a Christmas Tree!) with family & friends and we're having a great weekend so far!  The weather is hot but gorgeous (#sorrynotsorry) so I decided to take my workout OUTSIDE this morning!

My sister was coming over so we could work out together (always a treat!!) so I quickly designed this awesome Boot Camp routine this morning when I woke up!

It was fun & quick & EXHAUSTING! There are 6 Rounds - so you can do all 6 if you have time! We only had time for 4 but that was enough for us anyway!!

I highly encourage you to try this workout because it will NOT disappoint!! And If you DO try it, let me know what you think!!!

What are you doing to stay active this weekend???

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