Saturday, September 26, 2015

This Healthy Living Blogger is getting back to healthy living!

I'm baaaaaack!

It has been a long time coming - I missed you guys, but the pressure of blogging on top of my work, my family & my life got to be too much for me. Something's gotta give sometimes.

But (for now!) I'm back to blogging....and for a very exciting reason!

In the last 6 months or so I've lost myself a little. We had to put my sweet little Honey to sleep, I'm not training for any races or events and, even though I'm exercising regularly, my diet has been completely subpar....among other things. Hello life!

I feel foggy, tired, unexcited, bloated....just not good! 

Thanks to my girl Gina I'm starting a new journey - to a healthier, happier, cleaner, more energetic me....and I'm doing it alongside my sister & my mom!!

We are doing a 30 day Cleansing & Fat Burning program. NO, it's not like a "colonoscopy prep" cleanse or a starvation diet.... You feed your body with vitamins & nutrients while cleansing the body of impurities and toxins, in short! ;)

Products & Planner....ready to go!
So today is DAY 1 - a shake day!  I plan to give full details on the program and the products, the daily schedule, and tips & tricks that I learn along the way that can help others....but for now I'll leave you with my personal Isagenix page.

You can learn more about the products &, after we discuss, we can decide if any of the products/programs are right for you and place an order to start your OWN journey to health & wellness.

IF I love the program and the products as much as I think I will, I plan to try & share the knowledge with all of you and sell the products to help my friends & followers! But that's a chat for another day...30 days from now! :) Stay tuned.

So, tell me - have you ever tried Isagenix products or done a Nutritional Cleanse? 

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